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Jeanine Avitable "Alumni/Dance Mom/Dance Grand Mom"

"Spent my childhood here and most of my daughters . Now I’m Back with the third generation!! Highly recommended!! Join us for our 61st year of dance!!"

Tyler Roberts "Alumni"/ Broadway's Aladdin

"Sitting here & bragging about The Dance Connection does not do it enough justice. This dance studio is my foundation as both a dancer & a human being. The quality of education provided by both Linda & Sandee Juliano is unmatched compared to other educators I have worked with. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what I have taken from The Dance Connection. The place is home to me & I am saying that as an alumni. Everyone that is a part of the studio is a family & everyday feels like one huge family reunion. While there, I am not standing next to fellow dancers or competitors, I am with brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, ect..Like I said, I can go on & on about the memories created, life lessons & morals I received, & the wonderful people I have met, but to do that I may need to have a sit down conversation that could last hours on end. So after reading this review you have only one option left, give the studio a call & get your child dancing. I didn't regret it & neither will you. By the way, I am a male dancer so do not be afraid of signing your boy up as well!"

Jairo Alejandro Ulloa "Ballet Master"

"Amazing show!!! I’m so proud of all the dancers and what a wonderful work from choreographer!!! Seeing you and Maestra Linda dancing on stage with so many generations was wonderful!!
Looking forward to teaching these wonderful kids this upcoming year!!!"

Peggy Diminno "Alumni"

"To say this past weekend was amazing would be a complete understatement, it was so much more. Thank you Sandee Juliano, Miss Linda and the whole TDC family for letting us share this milestone with you! Thanks for reawakening the passion and love we all have in our hearts. It was pure joy to share the stage with all of you and to see the continued excellence of TDC! Congratulations on 60 years and here’s to many more. "

Amy Hailey "Dance Mom"

"This year we came full circle . I got to see Matthew accomplish things that he had only dreamed of doing for years. And I love the bonding between groups no matter what age the dancer is .. We cheered for everyone .. and when folks need support we are always there for each other . For that is truly what a family does.  💛"

Theresa Cappetta Penkrat "Alumni/Dance Mom"

"This past weekend is one I will never forget., I got to see my daughter Alexandrea get on stage for the first time and it just filled me with so many emotions of when my mom used to be in the audience. I also had the pleasure of getting on stage for the first time in 30 years with the TDC alumni for their 60th Anniversary show. Thank you Miss Linda and Sandee Juliano it is something I will cherish forever and to be back with all of you again. ❤️❤️❤️"

Kathie Adinolfi "Dance Mom"

A very talented and creative staff makes The Dance Connection the right choice for your child. From recreational dance to the more intensive company dance your child will excel with a passion for this art form.

Christine Crouch "Alumni/ Dance Mom"

I have been involved with The Dance Connection for the past 30 years. I started here as a dancer 30 years ago myself. This studio helped raise and shape me into the woman I am today. I learned the meaning of hard work, respect, dedication, and perseverance from this studio. I also made the best friendships that I still hold so dearly today. Sandee and Miss Linda care about and love each and every one of their students. Now, my 4 year old daughter attends classes here and is falling in love with the studio in the same ways that I did. If you are looking for a wonderful studio, this is the place to be!

Kim Iagrossi "Dance Mom"

This is my daughter’s second home. Miss Linda,Miss Sandee and Miss Melissa are wonderful and knowledgable teachers. My daughters and I have made life long friendships.

Kelly Tomasello "Alumni/Dance Mom"

I trained at the dance connection many years ago and now my daughters are doing the same and wouldn't have taken them any other place. The Dance Connection is such a loving and welcoming studio and the lessons they instill in their students are invaluable in dance and in life.

Dawn Lynch "Dance Mom"

Dance Enrichment at its best. Family atmosphere. My daughter loves coming here. It is her second home.

Kris Lamberti

The Dance connection is not only a dance studio it’s a place where I call home ❤️not only are we a family but we are a team.. I’m proud to call The Dance Connection My home.My daughter has been dancing 7yrs and she absolutely loves Miss Sandee & Miss Linda ❤️She has made lifelong friends and continues to grow each & every time she takes the stage

Tracy Papa "Alumni/Faculty/Dance Mom"

"It's hard to believe 43 years ago I Took my first dance class with you. I was hooked for life! To Sammie and I, TDC is more than a Dance Studio, it is our second home. Having my daughter learn the art of dance in how to express herself through music and dance from the same place where I learned it means everything to me. It's like a dream come true. We want to Thank You and congratulate you on 60 years of 💃 dance!  ❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞"

Kathy Kadish Bonn "Dance Mom"

"So proud to have been a part of your life impacting "dynasty" . The memories of all lessons learned, fun, disappointment, elation, and growth during traditionally difficult years of a child's life continue to be cherished in my heart, always knowing and appreciating all of the hard work "behind the scenes" . Thank you, once again, for the impact on my daughter and all of the Beautiful, Cherished Memories!"

Tolentino D Vergara Paola "Dance Mom"

"Words can not describe the positive feelings I have towards the studio. Over these past 13 years I have seen my daughter not only grow as an artist but also as loving person. My family has made everlasting relationships because of the studio. Linda and Sandee Juliano have been very influential in my daughter's life and I know will continue to be in my youngest daughter."

"Proud Dance Parent"

"Great place to dance!!!

When I first moved to CT, I spent a long time researching and scouting different dance schools for my daughters. From day one we knew we made the right decision. Linda is one of a kind! She knows every child by name and goes out of her way to make them all feel like a part of the family.The children are challenged while having so much fun. My daughters hate to leave when it's time to go home. And now all they do is dance in the living room, taking turns playing teacher and making up routines. It's been 10 years since our move and my children couldn't be happier."

Jennifer Morale "Alumni"

"Not just Dance, but Long time Memories

Having been an alumni dancer of the Dance Connection , I can say that my experience left me with many amazing memories. The Regional, National, and International competitions that I have competed in left me with not just numerous awards but numerous friendships worldwide. Having not been a student , starting at the age of 5, I would probably not be the same person I am today. Not only was I taught the Art of Dance but I was taught morals, life lessons, and had great role models. Thanks to Linda and Sandee!!"

Julie Vegliante "Alumni"

 "Hi Sandee!! I thought you would be happy to know I am 1 of 6 girls up to dance for Lady Gaga this Saturday on SNL! They need 4 of the 6 girls now, so I'm just waiting to hear!..........................      I Booked it!!!Rehearsals with Gaga start in 7 minutes!!! Happy I had the opportunity to work one on one with a pop icon for 4 days. The experience was once in a lifetime and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Not only did you train me but the dance connection environment that you and Linda created is just an inspiration in itself. Dancing alongside such talented and driven dancers is what pushed me to keep dancing and think that I could even pursue it as a career. And look at where it got me! So thank you for everything and I hope to see you and Linda very soon !"

Ilise Berger Messore "Dance Mom"

"Thank you to everyone that supported Nicole over the past 14 years, her family, friends and especially to Miss Linda and Miss Sandee Juliano for all the years of beautiful costumes, choreography, technique and most importantly the lessons she learned about life, such as, discipline, hard work, team work, time management and friendship! Nicole developed true friendships that will last throughout her lifetime. Thank you to our dance family ❤️"

Cara Borzillo "Dance Mom"

"Another year of dance is coming to an end.. And what a year it has been. Mia grew a lot as a dancer and a person this year..She learned 9 dances this year some with only a few practices before going on stage and every time she did so with a smile on her face. She never said she couldn't do it but instead practiced even harder to get better. She's making so many memories and life long friends they are all her family!!! Thank you all for another great year of dance and for helping to shape the amazing young lady my Mia is becoming!!! On to nationals we go!!❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️"

Julie Anastasio "Alumni"

"Sandee Juliano you continue to amaze me year after year as you come up with new Beautiful masterpieces, you and Miss Linda, definitely have made a home and another family for all of us that have come threw the doors of the Dance Connection 😊 You have taught us more than just Dance, the both of you helped us to learn about ourselves and become the people that we are today, and both you and Miss Linda had a hand in that for many years now ❤️ I am Happy and Proud that I know you all and that I am a member of this Family too ❤️😘😊"

Carmel Castlevetro"Dance Mom"

"The Dance Connection was a huge part of my family's life for many years beginning with my oldest daughter in 1963 to my youngest from 1983 - 1997. We traveled all over the country doing competition, have wonderful memories of those vacations. My younger daughter went on to dance 4 years in college. Most importantly, at the Dance Connection, we were a family. My daughter learned love, discipline and much more. She is now very successful in the Marketing field. I would recommend the Dance Connection to anyone wanting to "really" learn to dance and know the best choreography you need to go to the Dance Connection."

Brenda Hernandez

Such a great school I love it this is my daughters fourth yr at dance connection and her first yr of comp And she has grown so much in the last 4 yrs with the help of great teachers I couldn't picture her at any other school!!! Can't wait to see how she progresses with the yrs to come!!!! I love that the teachers and miss Linda love the kids the way they do and believe in their talent the way they do!!! My daughter is deff more confident with performing on stage then she was when she started now I can't get her to stop dancing lol... #greatschool

Cathy DeCaprio DeFrancesco "Dance Mom/Grand Mom"

"My daughter went to Dance Connection and now my two granddaughters. Ms. Linda is a fabulous person and teacher! And her daughter Sandee is wonderful as well. Ms Linda's entire staff are wonderful as well . Dance Connection recitals are second to none!! I enjoy watching each act from the little dancers to the experienced ones. You can see all the effort and time put into the choreography and costumes! Dance Connection gives children wonderful experiences to learn to dance, make friends and to be very proud of their accomplishments. God bless you Linda for all the years of teaching our children and grandchildren. And, my sincere thank you to all of your staff as well."

Summer Mastriano "Student"

I love dancing here! Such a positive atmosphere and helpful teachers!

Jennifer DeMayo "Dance Mom"

Great Studio!! Great Teachers!! Highly recommend this studio!!

Dancing with the FEET is one thing, but dancing with the Heart is another!